Research and Development

Qualified Experts

A TEAM of experts at your service

The SKG Italia’s technical staff creates plans and manufactures ad hoc products that meet customers’ demands as far as costs, technical specifications and performance.

Qualified Experts

A non-stop innovative process

Behind the innovative process there is continuous planning research and simulation of projects and products. Every component is analysed in every detail, undergoes continuous improvement phases, and tests to obtain high quality unique pieces.

Qualified Experts

Solutions for every problem, need and performance

The Research & Development Laboratory can adapt each project to the customer’s demands while respecting all the requirements for the creation of high quality products that meet all expectations.


A company mass-producing for a “mixed” market, i.e. consumer products as well as highly technical content products (the high volumes obviously come from the former market) needs to make product innovation its goal.

The Technical Office, shared between the Parma and Ancona sites, can count on evolved CAD design systems and FEA (Finite Element Analysis) simulation.


SKG Italia has a state-of-the-art Technical Office and an innovative Research & Development and Prototyping department. Many of SKG Italia’s inventions and patterns are working inside the majority of automobiles still on the roads around the world for more than 30 years, and this is objective evidence of the high quality standard of the products developed and manufactured by SKG Italia. Especially in the area of integrated filters, SKG Italia has been among the first companies in the world to present different technical solutions leading to performance improvements, lighter weight and drastically reduced costs.

As for burners, SKG Italia was the first to develop and produce a burner for cooking. All this has been achieved thanks to the Research & Development division and its lab, where all SKG Italia products are tested


ISO 9000 is a series of internationally recognized regulations that deal with quality management systems, i.e. the organizational structures that public and private companies, ought to adopt to provide the business with the tools to achieve results in line with market’s expectations.

The objective of ISO 9001 quality system is to ensure that the final product manufactured by the company complies with the features specified. The features specified are defined by the standard as the Customer’s explicit and implicit expectations..