SKG Italia, for years leader in the automotive sector, makes available to customers all its experience and quality in offering high quality BATTERIES for starter and energy storage at competitive prices. Thanks to the partnership with a world leader Japanese manufacturer, SKG takes advantage of this synergy and offers powerful and reliable BATTERIES. SKG Italia introduces the high performance SUPREME line, the THUNDER line for safe starting and the STORAGE line with the latest and newest Phosphate Lithium batteries. SKG BATTERIE distributes also SPARCO starter batteries designed with excellent technology and top expertise to meet ever more demanding market needs. SKG Italia offers a wide range of stationary semi-stationary lead and phosphate batteries for the most diverse applications i.e. electric vehicles, alarms, storage stations and much more. The range includes also gel and pure lead batteries.



SKG Italia, together with one of the world’s top producers, researches and designs its own batteries to provide customers with reliability and high quality products.
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SPARCO batteries for automobiles and industrial vehicles guarantee high electrical capacity (AH) and high electric current for the starter when more power is needed.
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Our series of valve regulated LEAD stationary batteries are designed and manufactured with AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology.
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All cells and batteries are designed and manufactured in compliance with the most stringent Quality Control Systems to make them safe, reliable and stable.
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